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    GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android)
    скачать GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android) бесплатно, скачать GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android) без регистрации, GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android) без смс
    GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1
    GPS Status - программа для отображения информации о параметрах GPS .
    - Отображение информации о местоположении и мощности сигнала спутников;
    - Отображение вашего местоположения, скорости, ускорения и направления движения;
    - Компас показывающий направление на истинный и магнитный полюса и т.п.

    GPS Status v.3.2GPS
    GPS Status v.3.7 RUSGPS
    GPS Status & Toolbox donate v3.8.1GPS

    Системные требования: Android 1.5+

    Права Root: Не нужны
    Дополнительные требования: GPS
    Разрешение экрана: Все разрешения

    Тип установки: APK

    Автор/Разработчик: EclipSim
    Оф. сайт/Источник: http://m.eclipsim.com/gpsstatus/

    Язык: ENG, RUS ...

    История изменений: >>>
    Maidenhead works now


    New launcher icons.
    Translation updates. Added Finnish as a new language. Now supports 16 languages.
    Integration with Locus (a cool on/off-line mapping tool). Check Settings/Apps to download.
    Now correctly supports both left and right hand landscape orientation.
    Navigation target can be edited or added on radar screen even without a GPS fix.
    Workaround for a HTC Wildfire firmware bug where the operating system shut down the application without any warning.


    Added OS Grid Reference support (check the datum format settings).
    Added Force full screen option.
    A new setting that allows configuring the message used during sharing. You can use variables now to specify what data you want to share. The following variables can be used: %loc%, %url%, %altitude%, %heading%, %level%, %magneticfield%, %targetname%, %targeturl%, %targetloc%. This allows the sharing of target location and also the current values of the sensors.
    Added a new Tools menu on the Status screen. All calibration functionality along with AGPS management was moved here from the settings screen. It is much easier now to access these functions.
    Enhanced level (roll/pitch) calibration: You can calibrate the level tool even without a horizontal surface. Just place the phone on any surface, calibrate, then rotate your phone 180 degrees, invoke the calibration menu and press Average. This will work even if your phone's back is not flat. It is possible to remove the calibration data and return to the factory settings.
    Added Compass calibration menu item to the Tools menu. Calibration is still handled by the operating system.
    Integration with OruxMaps. This is a great on/offline map program that can be launched from the Maps menu. Check Settings / Apps to download to download it. OruxMaps can also invoke GPS Status from its toolbar.


    Now GPS Status can automatically download AGPS data on startup if it is expired. You must have an active internet connection to use this feature. It is possible to set the timeout value or totally disable this feature in the Settings menu. If you want to keep your data fresh, just start GPS Status regularly.
    AGPS data age is displayed in the lower left corner until you get a GPS fix.
    Setting to force English user interface even if your phone has different default locale.
    New unit setting: meter an mile combination for distance (yes someone is using this)
    New unit setting: temperature
    Speed filter: some handsets experience jumping speed readings. Speed occasionally jumps above 400km/h without apparent reason. This setting tries to workaround this issue.
    Support for 1024x600 screen resolution. Say hello to the upcoming Android Tablets :)


    NOTE to HTC Wildfire users: It seems that the current Wildfire firmware has some serious bugs causing force closes. Hopefully HTC will fix them in a firmware update (fingers crossed).
    Settings screen reorganized as it became too long
    Calibration for leveling tool in Settings / GPS & Sensors / Calibrate roll and pitch. You can calibrate your device in any position: flat on table or calibrate in the car mount and watch the bubble drift while you are moving. It's fun, but be careful and watch the road! TIP: if the bubble is too jumpy set the Sensor filtering a bit higher.
    Settings / GPS & Sensors / Manage A-GPS state allows you to clear (i.e. hard reset) your GPS. This is a troubleshooting tool if your GPS is stuck for some reason. Beware that you will need a lot of time for the first fix after doing this. If you have an active internet connection you can trigger the re-download of the GPS sat orbit prediction data. This greatly speeds up the fix. If you plan to go to places where there is no internet, I recommend to trigger a download before leaving. The data is cached and valid for 4-5 days.
    You can display the GPS fix time now in either UTC or local time. Check Settings / Units & Formatting / Show UTC time
    You can request tho show the time for the first GPS fix in Settings / Display & Tools / Show time to GPS fix. This is a good tool to compare the GPS performance of different handsets. Be sure to be fair and reset all GPS info for all, or download the orbital data :)


    Added a leveling bubble on the status screen to be able to use it as a leveling tool. Can be turned off in Settings.
    Pitch and roll is now filtered according to the sensor filter settings
    New units: nautical mile for distance, mils for heading, and grade (%) for pitch/roll
    New language: Dutch
    Location edit box on the 'Edit target' dialog is now using numeric keypad for easier coordinate entry
    Some tweaks on the location URL used for sharing. Google Maps and andorid2cloud should work better.
    Translation project is hosted at http://crowdin.net/project/gps-status. If you want to fix/change something, join the project there. It is possible to log-in using your google account without even registering. (Use the 'Login with third-party account' link.)
    Several workarounds to make it even more stable on buggy firmwares.


    Move to SD support on Android 2.2+
    VDOP/HDOP/DOP, battery state and brightness readings on Android 2.0+ (only in donated version or on phones with larger screens)
    Better screen layout to enable notification bar if possible (depending on screen size)
    Accuracy range indicator added on radar screen. A dim circle is showing the current accuracy in the middle of the grid.
    1/10th accuracy for low speeds (< 10km/h)
    On devices with Android 2.0+ altitude is now relative to the mean sea level (MSL). WGS84 geoid height for altitude is also displayed. (If you want the altitude relative to WGS84, add the geoid height to the MSL altitude.)
    New languages: Turkish, Korean


    Target is correctly displayed now if the Radar was started by other apps (GeoBeagle, RMaps etc.).
    Changed the formatting of location string in Share menu. Location now can be sent in a single SMS (no extended characters are used.).


    Fixed issue with Android 1.5 based phones


    Workaround for a firmware bug on certain Motorola devices using Android 1.5
    Fixed the problem when starting the Radar mode from an other program (like GeoBeagle)


    Added donation support. You can now donate by buying a plugin app from the market (or via PayPal if you cannot buy apps from the market). It will disable the advertisements and enable the top notification bar.
    Fixed an issue with negative coordinates in DD.DDDD mode (i.e. -50.3457 was not correctly converted)
    Worked around an issue in Android, when entering a location in DD:MMM.MMM format where MM.MM >59 (i.e. 19:59.456) would not convert correctly. This bug is still present in android firmware 2.1!
    Switched the colors of the needle. Of course red points to north...
    Fixed a bug when starting the radar with a google maps URL.
    The marked location can be removed now by editing the target and deleting the location field in the dialog.
    Location can be shared with any program supporting 'Send to' intents (e.g. facebook, twitter etc.)
    Share location now provides formatted location too (besides the google maps url).
    The tilt/pitch and acceleration readings are less jumpy now.
    Added translations:
    Hungarian (myself), Czech (Ivo Marecek), Russian (Andrey Sitnik), Chinese (TW:Ken Cheung, CN:HiAPK.com), Arabic (Hisham Nasser),
    German (Christian Krämer),
    French (Alexandre Faraino),
    Spanish (Juan Jimenez),
    Italian (Diego Pierotto),
    Portuguese (Breno T. Minzon).


    Fixed bug, displaying the altitude in miles above the 1 mile limit
    added the auto orientation option back


    added the possibility to remove advertisements


    fixed a force close on devices with firmware 1.5
    removed the second launcher icon


    Rewritten from scratch for lower memory and CPU utilization
    Calculates the strength of the Earth's magnetic field at your location
    Displays the calculated magnetic declination
    Added pitch and tilt readings
    Added location sharing options
    Added MGRS, UTM and CH1903 datum
    Mark your current location
    Rearranged instruments
    Navigation to a target in radar mode
    Show target on map (google, andnav2, rmaps)
    Expanded preference menu
    Direct mail to developer from the settings screen
    Recommend this program from the settings screen
    Sensor data filtering, for less jumpy compass
    Adjustable screen refresh rates
    Ad support added
    Compass only mode (if GPS is turned off)
    Removed auto orientation
    Removed landscape mode
    Added support for QVGA and WVGA screens


    New location formatting
    Notification of inaccurate compass
    Ported to firmware 1.5.
    Removed screen orientation and magnetic declination setting
    Magnetic declination is now automatically calculated
    GPS is no longer turned on/off automatically


    Original GPS state is restored at exit
    Compass accuracy indicator
    Acceleration display changed
    12/24 hour time format


    External applications now can invoke GPS status by starting Intent(com.eclipsim.gpsstatus.VIEW)


    Fixed a preference bug


    Reorganized the screen
    Added magnetic field and acceleration reading
    Added signal strength bars
    Reduced the application site


    Reorganized the screen
    Added pitch reading
    New setting for magnetic declination
    Removed lock to compass preference
    Orientation as N,E,S,W


    Added About menu
    Added theme settings
    Smoother screen orientation change
    Prevent sleep option
    Automatically enables the GPS on startup
    below 5 km/h the compass bearing is displayed


    Added knots
    Added GPS time
    Tweaked the visibility


    Initial version

    Скачать GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android)
    GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android)

    Скачать GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android) бесплатно

    Наш сайт не распространяет бесплатно GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android), а лишь содержит информацию о последних версиях GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android) и ссылки, перейдя по которым пользователь имеет возможность скачать бесплатно и без регистрации GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android). Мы не нарушаем авторские права создателей GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android), а лишь передаём уже имеющуюся информацию о GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android) в сети.

    Скачать бесплатно GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android) без регистрации

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    Максимум гибкости и управляемости достигается включением конфигурируемого концентратора (switching hub). Это позволяет объединять сегменты на разных этажах в общие подсети, вообще исключая задержки маршрутизации для некоторых приложений, Серверы можно устанавливать в одном специально приспособленном для этого месте без какой-либо потери производительности сети в целом. Благодаря применению конфигурируемого концентратора любой сервер может быть назначен любому сегменту, исключая задержку маршрутизации для определенных рабочих групп и/или приложений. Надежность сети достигается с помощью hot-swap-ooieoee (возможности «горячей замены») в центральных устройствах — концентраторе и маршрутизаторе.

    Скачать бесплатно GPS Status & Toolbox v3.8.1 (Android) без регистрации

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